Altering suites (or) tests

Sometimes you may need to just want to alter a suite (or) a test tag in a suite xml in runtime without having to change the contents of a suite file.

A classic example for this would be to try and leverage your existing suite file and try using it for simulating a load test on your "Application under test". At the minimum you would end up duplicating the contents of your <test> tag multiple times and create a new suite xml file and work with. But this doesn’t seem to scale a lot.

TestNG allows you to alter a suite (or) a test tag in your suite xml file at runtime via listeners. You achieve this by providing a listener that implements {javadocs-base-url}/org/testng/IAlterSuiteListener.html[IAlterSuiteListener]. Please refer to Listeners section to learn about listeners.

Here is an example that shows how the suite name is getting altered in runtime:

public class AlterSuiteNameListener implements IAlterSuiteListener {

    public void alter(List<XmlSuite> suites) {
        XmlSuite suite = suites.get(0);

This listener can only be added with either of the following ways:

  • Through the <listeners> tag in the suite xml file.

  • Through a Service Loader

This listener cannot be added to execution using the @Listeners annotation.