TestNG IDEA Plug-in


TestNG is bundled in IDEA 7 onwards, no extra plugins need to be installed. The full documentation can be found here.

IDEA 6 and older

TestNG has an IDEA plug-in that mirrors much of the behavior of the built-in JUnit support. You should be able to run tests within IDEA without defining any files externally, as well as quickly and easily migrate JUnit code. The plug-in also provides the same output test view as JUnit tests. Installation

The latest version of the TestNG plugin will be listed there, ready to download and install.  Also, you can go to the TestNG IDEA plug-in project page and download its source from there.

Please note that this plug-in only works on IDEA 5.0 and 6.0.

Creating a TestNG Run/Debug configuration

Once you have installed the plug-in and restarted IDEA, and have some TestNG classes you would like to run, simply open the Run/Debug window. You will see a TestNG tab, where you can add a configuration.

There are a number of methods for determining the set of tests that will be run. These are:

Once you create the run configuration, you can run it. Upon running, the plug-in will launch an external process to run your tests. The test results will be display in a tree view, with passed and failed tests highlighted. You can narrow down on the console output for a specify test by clicking on it, while double clicking a test will navigate to its source code.